Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Kind of Painter Are you?

Photography plays a big role in the life of a painter. Many of us paint directly by looking at the photo or at times the photo is just an inspiration to a work of art. I have taken a couple of art classes in the past few years and it is funny to see how different art teachers have an approach to photographs. I had a teacher that did not want to see realistic paintings. He would say if you want it to look like the photo……just look at the photo. I have also had teachers that I have had to stop them because they were so detailed and realistic that they wanted me to paint even the smallest twig in the photo.  Here’s an example of a painting inspired by a photo. Can you see how I changed it?
Photograph taken by my friend Niki

"Niki's Beach" - Oil on canvas - Available for Purchase


  1. You are right, the photo is only a lead. I too would be too impatient with matching every tiny bit of color to the exact shade of a photo, or add every detail!

  2. Marie,

    I am glad to find a fellow artist that is as impatient as me. Thanks for reading it and commenting!


    P.s. - Here's Marie's blog: