Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colorful Coleus

"Colorful Coleus" - Watercolor on Yupo
Ever noticed a coleus? Maybe you don’t know it by name, but it is that small bush with leaves that looks like  God just threw in the entire color palette. The leaves can be green, yellow, burgundy and sometimes a mixture of all of those and more.  Here in South Florida, we are fortunate to be able to grow these year-round as long as they get some shade in the summer. My friends up north are able to enjoy them in the summer. In fact, this past June I saw the most beautiful ones throughout Chicago.

I have always been so inspired by these that I figured the only way to capture their beauty was to let the watercolors go wild on a piece of yupo paper. For those not familiar with my art, yupo is a synthetic paper that allows you time to manipulate watercolor on the surface of the paper (no absorption) until you like what you see.

You may think that I am only looking up at the sky because of my fascination with clouds, but I also have to check that my feet are on the ground, from time to time, and get inspired by what is below.


  1. What a great way of describing these leaves: like God threw his color palette!

    My favorite leafy plant, all time!

    Nice painting, too ;)

  2. Thanks, Angeline! Welcome back!
    I have always thought that these leaves are a work of art....by nature!!