Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dandy Lion

All of my life I have known that Dandelion is a weed, a very important one in nature, but have you ever heard of a Dandy Lion?  Well, neither had I until today at the Lowe Art Museum. 

We had our regularly scheduled meeting, but to our surprise, we were given a sneak peek at the new exhibit, Dandy Lion. To add even more excitement to this preview, we had a tour of the exhibit by Shantrelle P. Lewis, the curator. 

What exactly is a Dandy?  A Dandy (per Wikepedia) is a man who dresses elegantly and fashionably, He exaggerates his manners, including the way he stands and moves, and the way he speaks. He promotes himself. This Dandy Lion exhibit "highlights young men in city-landscapes who defy stereotypical and monolithic understandings of Black masculinity by remixing Victorian-era fashion with traditional African sartorial sensibilities." It is a way of young black men to express their sense of fashion, individuality and creativity. Fashion has always been used by black men to rebel and stand out. These emerging photographers and film makers bring us the black man as an individual with style and artistry, no longer a thug with sagging pants as shown by the media. This pride in appearance, demands respect.


The exhibit makes you look at these beautiful creations, in far away and local places, as well as the Dandy as a day-to-day member of his community. Shantrelle P. Lewis is not only articulate and knowledgeable as she discusses the exhibit, but you leave wanting more. She is excited and passionate about this Dandy Lion project.

Here's a video for your enjoyment. Click HERE.

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