Monday, February 13, 2017

Watercolor Workshop with Vladislav Yeliseyev

Many of you know that I have been drawing and painting my entire life. In 1977, I took an oil painting class and fell in love with this medium. It wasn't until I retired that I decided to take up watercolor. I am mainly self-taught in all mediums, with a class here and there. The Miami Watercolor Society offers workshops with some great artists from all over the USA, but I had never taken advantage of them. The new year inspired me to sign up for the workshop in January with Vladislav Yeliseyev.  

Watching Vlad demonstrate the first wash.

What made me decide to take this particular one after all these years? This artist's style is loose. It is very difficult to paint loosely after starting with oil. His style is fantastic. I was so intimidated that I even thought about losing the fee I paid and not attending. I forced myself to go the first day. There was so much to learn, but I was not handling my drawing well, perspectives were giving me the hardest time. I decided to try the second day and before I knew it, I wanted more and more. Speaking to the others in the class, I found out they were just as intimidated and as anxious as I was. Vladislav does not live far from Miami and I may just take another class at his art school in Sarasota. 
Thanks Vlad for the inspiration!.

First wash and wondering if anything would come of it.

The final product.

Same technique with color. I call this one "Sailing with Vlad"

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