Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FEC - Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos

The FEC is an organization, founded in 1967,  at the University of Miami dedicated to keeping the Cuban culture alive in the UM community. My fellow Cuban artist, and MWS member, Marilyn Valiente, asked me to join their yearly event  "A Week of Cuban Culture". During the week from February 27th to March 5th,  the FEC invites the student body to enjoy Cuban food, music, and art. 

I am happy to represent my culture and speak to students that may want to find out more about my people, and more specifically my art.

Marilyn Valiente, Elizabet Chacon and I will be exhibiting on March 5th from 12 -3 pm. Join us at Carnaval Cubano, an explosion of Cuban flavor, with traditional food and Cuban art.

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