Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lincoln Road and Me

Back in 1962, I arrived from Cuba with my family and we moved to Miami Beach. It was quite different than the young hip place it is today. Lincoln Road was then new, shiny and a place to shop at high end stores or go to a movie. Back in those days, we could not do much of that, but I do remember looking at the pretty things I could not afford and knowing I had to "make" it in order to have them one day. My goal was only to learn to speak English and excel in school. Drawing was just a past time that did not seem to fit in the life of newly arrived foreigner.

Fast forward now to 2015, and Lincoln Road and I have grown and evolved. The high end shops and small theaters are gone, replaced with many restaurants, sidewalk eating and young hip residents and tourists. I, too,  have changed. I am now a retired grandmother, painting full time and able to buy anything I want. 

The new Lincoln Road and I are coming together once again in our new ways. The Art Center of South Florida is located on Lincoln Road, The Miami watercolor Society, of which I am a member, recently had a show juried to be exhibited there. My piece "Spring Rain" has been selected. On February 18th, we will have an opening reception from 6-9 pm and I will be there to toast the new me and the new Lincoln Road

We have both had  our ups and downs................but we made it!

"Spring Rain" - Watercolor

Art Center of South Florida - Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

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