Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy! Happy! Happy!

We have been hearing the expression "Happy! Happy! Happy" a lot lately because of the Duck Dynasty Show. I also hear it daily when I ask my Mom if she is happy and her response is "Happy, Happy. Happy" and she has never watched the show.

Today I can say that the expression is mine. I was just informed that one of my abstract watercolor painting on a throw pillow by the home decor company DENY Designs has been selected to be sold by Urban Outfitters. It is so fantastic to see my image selected and purchased.  The pleasure can only be compared as the applause an actor/musician gets on stage.

Now here is my "Happy, Happy, Happy"!

"Color My World" - Throw Pillow

Click HERE to view the Urban Outfitter page,
Click HERE to view the rest of my DENY Designs collections!

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