Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get It Done??

It seems that I can't work on one project at a time nor find the time to do all that I want to do. My attention span keeps me moving from one project to another. I also seem to add new ones as I go.

We will start with my time on line. My art business is online so being on the computer is important. I spend many hours promoting my work, uploading the art to various stores, managing my art page and the Miami watercolor Society fan page, working with my friend Elizabet on the MWS newsletter, etc.
(List of companies below.)

I also have art projects started. I can't pass up a piece of driftwood, a palm frond or other gifts from nature. I have palm fronds cleaned and primed and ready for paint in the patio outside. Not to mention the box of gourds in the garage.

Move to another room in the house and you find a few paintings started, some in oil and some in watercolor.

To top that, I have babies coming, one after the other, and I enjoy giving the parents something hand made; so I have a few knitting and crochet pieces started that must be done by October.

 Throw into this a family project. I have started sorting my Mom's photos (from a lifetime) and dividing them accordingly between my sisters and me.

As you can see,  there is barely time left to clean, shop, and cook. I think of the projects that I wish to do, the books I want to read, the places I want to travel, the special times with my grandchildren and I will need another lifetime to get them done.

What projects are you working on or plan to work on?

You can find some of my completed projects at:

Web Page:
DENY Designs Home Decor:
Kess Inhouse Home Decor:
Fine Art America:
Keka case:
Gecko Rouge Cross Stitch:
Urban Outfitters:
Print All Over Designs:


  1. You know what all that is like WITH a day job!

    Love that your creative projects are scattered around your home. You have a smart husband that loves you very much!

    1. Angeline, I could not do this while I worked. My husband is great and puts up with it because he loves me and he knows I do not have a studio. I will in my next home. LOL