Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello Summer!

Summer is here! What it means to me may not be what it does for others. Yes, I enjoy going to the beach, sitting in the sand and going in the water for a swim. Lying in the sand tanning is not for me, but I tan anyway as I go about my activities at the beach. For one, I always walk the seashore and look for the treasures of the sea......... coral, rocks, shells, driftwood and more. I paint on shells and driftwood and just enjoy the texture of the rocks and coral. I am always thinking that I will make something with these treasures, but the collection is growing. Sometimes I do, but the hunt for the treasures, the beauty of my finds and the peace I feel as I walk the beach is enough for me. As I walk, I also look around and try to capture, in photos,  the beauty that surrounds me, down to the sea foam in between my toes. 

I am twenty minutes away from the beach and from feeling like I am in paradise. Others live in places that a seashore may be a long car drive or even a flight away. I have found a way to share some of these photos in a couple of sites that make prints and products for others to enjoy. 

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"Rain Clouds" - 

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