Friday, January 10, 2014

A Look Back!

The year 2013, was full of surprises. For one, I discovered that I enjoy seeing my art on fashion.  What better way to feel good all day than to look at your art as you look at yourself. I joined a company called Vividly and decided that it was way too much fun to stop.

As if that wasn't enough, through Vividly I found out about a contest for another fashion house in New York, Elsa and Me. To my surprise, my design was chosen and my dress is available on their site.

I also decided to make my art available to other companies and joined Kess Inhouse.This company offers home decor products. Through them,  I am able to offer my art on placemats, cutting boards and more.
Of course, who can overlook the new products offered this year by DENY Designs. Coasters, Jewelry boxes, pet products, decorative letters and more.

Looking back is always great and inspiring, but looking forward is the only way to go. I want to sketch daily and further develop my art. This includes portraits that I have always feared.  Stick around in 2014 and see the new challenges I tackle.

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  1. I am sticking around your blog! I love that your designs are on different products and you are looking forward to another amazing year. I'll be watching! =)