Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

In the world of creativity some elements of art, if not all,  are used. What are they, you ask?
As my creativity has evolved, I have taken those elements and started applying them to surfaces beyond paper and canvas. I paint on shells, palm fronds, driftwood, rocks.....any surface that I can find.I am constantly sharing with you these creations in this blog so it is only fitting that I introduce my use of the elements of art on LEATHER! Yes, I have now partnered with Aliveshoes, an Italian company that allows us artists to go wild with color. Aliveshoes is located in Le Marche, Italy known as the Italian Shoe Valley since 1901.

Here are two of my favorite designs. Enjoy and feel free to share with friends.
Italian Leather -

Italian Leather -

Click on the link below to view the other available designs:

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