Sunday, May 5, 2013

They Want the Hat Back

I painted an art piece, “Nassau Daddy”, which stands on the corner of Grand Avenue and Douglas Road in Coconut Grove. I  wrote a while back how the school children’s excitement had damaged his hat. Back in January, I cleaned up the head and fixed the damages with paint.  

Apparently, the community felt that the hat was a big part of Nassau Daddy so they requested that I create another one. It is not easy making a hat without the model. I measured and got started. Without Mr. Nassau nearby, I had to create the hat in a different way. I started it and went back for a fitting. It turns out that I will need to complete the hat in the corner, on site. I need to leave the back of the hat opened in order to fit it though its head, then close it with mesh and plaster once I am there. It has not been an easy project. I don’t think I will do this again so I was glad to hear that the school bus stop has been moved from that corner. Maybe now, Nassau Daddy can keep his hat on for the rest of the summer……and the upcoming school year.

To view the making of “Nassau Daddy”, click here.

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