Monday, May 27, 2013

An Artist on Vacation

Vacationing artists are different than any other person traveling. Why, you ask? We start out by packing some materials\supplies in case we can sneak in a sketch or two. In my case, I pack a small watercolor pad and a traveling case. The colors are limited, but enough to fill the desire. In addition to that, we make sure our cameras are fully charged with additional disks in case we go a little crazy with the photos. I find that many artists are also photographers because they are always looking for things that they may want to paint one day….even if they never do; a little inspiration seeking.

To top it off, we try to find a museum or gallery to visit because art makes the day complete.  In my case, I did all of the above. Don’t be surprised to find a new series fueled my recent inspirations.

If you are an artist, please share how you prepare and enjoy your vacations!


  1. LOL, Rosie!
    I prep for vacations like I do for ANY time I leave my own home!
    Must haves, ALWAYS:
    1. watercolors, dozen colors, in former eye shadow compact
    2. sketchbook 8x5 inches portrait style
    3. waterbrush
    4. any pen I can find.

    If I do actually leave on vacation, add the following:
    5. scotch tape
    6. white glue
    7. folding scissors
    8. 5x7 inches Utrecht American Masters paper (cut from large sheet).

    I wish that last photo of supplies was larger. Would love to see your stash!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Angeline! You definitely pack more than me and more often. The last photo has an Arches watercolor pad, watercolor cards, a pack of brushes, with pen, pencil and eraser and the white plastic case are the mini watercolors.

    I always enjoy your comments!!Also, enjoying the pet portraits you have been doing. The eyes are so full of life.

  3. Love your latest the dragonfly pattern, just lovely. i was wondering where did you take the photo of the artists all lines up and could I use it on my blog about art.

    1. Thanks! That photo was taken in Barcelona, Spain. Yes, feel free........I also enjoy your blog!