Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nassau Daddy Stands Proud........Still

A couple of years ago, I participated in a street art project called, “Coconut  Grove Peacock Tour”, here in Miami. My peacock was sponsored by  Pinnacle Housing and the Coconut Grove Collaborative. “Nassau Daddy” has been proudly standing on the corner of Grand Avenue and Douglas Road. The neighbors were so protective of it and proud of the Bahamian heritage it represents. Before the new year, I had a call from Mr. Rashid, with the Coconut Grove Collaborative, with the unfortunate news that the peacock had been damaged. Mr. Rashid asked if there was any way that I could make him look like he did.

"Nassau Daddy" with hat before damage

I was told by the neighbors that the school children use this corner as a bus stop and maybe got a little too excited climbing and playing on “Nassau Daddy”. His beautiful hat was broken off and some of the jewels that make up his feathers on the back had also come off.  I went this past weekend and did some repairs. I had to scrape the remains of the hat and re-paint the area.  The missing jewels on the back were also replaced. I am looking into re-creating the hat. It seems that the children are not the only ones enjoying this piece of art. The neighbors told me how the tourists stop and take photos, which made me very happy.

If you want to see a fun video on how “Nassau Daddy” was created and what it “used” to look like, click here.

Thank you Phil Brown for the creation of this video

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