Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paint Like a Child

I recently spent a week with my grandchildren. All of my visits require baking and some art activities. If allowed,  my five year old granddaughter would draw, paint and do crafts 24/7.  My two year-old grandson is now old enough to participate. Although they think I am teaching them something, it is they that are teaching me. I marvel at how they pick the colors they like; no regards if they are complimentary or not. If they like it, they use it. They draw what they want and then tell me what it is supposed to be. Nothing holds them back. Everything goes in their uninhibited world of painting. They make me want to just play with colors as they do and forget everything else..

It seems that someone in kindergarten is teaching me a valuable art lesson.
Thank you, Nola!

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  1. Very nice! They love their time with their Wella