Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank You, ArtistaMundo!

The world of art can't be limited to a studio or a gallery. As an artist, we need to take advantage of the internet and the way it allows us to share our work with the world. When I decided to go "technical" after Debra Cortese's workshop, my friend, Elizabet Chacon,  told me she saw an article in the Miami Herald about a web page that is international. In addition to that, it was free.  The web page was ArtistaMundo. All artists need a break with expenses while spending on the materials needed to create so I jumped at the opportunity.  To my great surprise, I was contacted recently by Alexandra Figueredo, Founder/Vice President, of ArtistaMundo. She had noticed my art and wanted to have me as the featured artist this month. What an honor!! Below is the article as written on the web page. Clicking on ArtistaMundo will take you to the home page.

Thank you Alexandra and ArtistaMundo.


Featured Artist Rosie Brown reflects on her tropical muse: Florida
June 8, 2011
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This month’s Featured Artist is Cuban-born Rosie Brown who resides in Miami, FL. Her vibrant and colorful paintings reflect tropical Florida images, including oceanfront landscapes and exotic flora and fauna. To see more of Rosie’s art work, visit her portfolio at:

We talk to Rosie about Florida as inspiration for her work, her passion for gardening, and advice for up-and-coming artists:

Q: Where do you find the inspiration for your tropical pieces? Have you always been interested in painting Florida living?

A: I am inspired as I walk outside each day. The light in Florida is so bright and luminous; add to that the variety of subjects and colors and there is more inspiration than I have time to paint. The Florida beaches are always an inspiration for me. Having lived in Florida since the age of nine, it has always been my primary subject for paintings.

Q: Apart from painting, what are you passionate about?

A: I am passionate about my family and, most recently, by the addition of my two grandchildren. Gardening is also a passion and I consider that painting the landscape.

Q: What advice can you provide for young, up-and-coming artists?

A: My advice to young artists is to never give up their dream. Art is not an easy business, so be proud of your work and don't be shy to promote yourself. Take advantage of the Internet and all of the social media available to let others know about your passion.

*Image Credit: "Fresh Lobster" by Rosie Brown

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