Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where's Willy?

Many have been asking me, "Where's Willy?". He, and the rest of his friends, are now all over downtown South Miami.  Willy is standing tall at the corner of 57th Avenue and Sunset Drive in front of Lanes' and across from Barnes and Nobles. You can't miss him and his bright red car.

Willy is waiting to pose with you, as he did with my 84 year old mother pictured above.Take a stroll and enjoy these colorful manatees.


  1. Great work. Willy looks great as well as your mom.

  2. I got to enjoy Willy, but as a drive by, this last Friday. Great job, Rosie!

    The manatees are easy to spot!

  3. Thanks, Mayra!
    Glad you did a drive-by, Angeline. He may be there until you get back from France!