Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot or Cold?

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful". That description can apply to the northern states in January or Miami in August. How many of you have heard family and friends say, "How can you live in Florida with all of that heat and humidity?" The answer to that is simple.........we have ways!

"Water's Edge" - 8 X 8 - Oil on Canvas

In the middle of winter, even with the appropriate clothing, you can still freeze when you walk outdoors in the north. Here in Miami, we go outside with as little as possible, flip flops or bare feet, sit in the shade ,and enjoy the sea breezes. If that does not do the trick, we jump in a refreshing pool or go to the nearest beach. The beach is so much more than just a cooling off place. We can look up at the beautiful blue sky because, after all, this is the sunshine state. The cloud formations are a work of art in themselves and, even if you don't paint them like I do, they still stir up your imagination wondering what could they be and what will they become in the next few minutes. The waves rolling in can be soothing and take away the stresses of the day.  If all of that were not enough, you walk on the waters edge breathing in  the ions that help relieve stress, increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and so much more; while allowing your feet to get a nice scrub from the sand.

The next time you are asked why we put up with the heat, the humidity and those dreadful hurricanes...............remember this painting and the words that follow before you respond.

Enjoy the hot days of summer!

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