Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch Out For Willy

Life is just amazing. A few years ago, I worked in a building on the Miami River. There were days when you would see a few employees looking down into the water and you always knew it was probably a manatee. They would swim right up against the wall.  We were able to see some that had scratches and marks on their bodies from being hurt by boats. They were big and gentle. Who would have guessed that ,a few years later,   I would have a 6 foot (plus) fiberglass manatee in my garage and I would be painting it for the South Miami Manatee Festival. The project's mission is "to raise awareness of our natural resources, our beautiful waterways and Bay, our wildlife and aquatic treasures."

"Willy", my manatee,  was sponsored by Williamson Cadillac. The unveiling will take place on May 21st at Sunset Place in downtown South Miami. We have documented the entire painting process and a video will soon be released. I invite you to save the date and come join us.


  1. Rosie,
    I'm not sure that angle of Willy is the most flattering....LOL LOL LOL.

    Looking forward to the video...sadly, once again, Andy & I created a conflicting event on an artful weekend. =) =(

  2. Beautiful Rosie. Great art as always. I love your ideas