Friday, March 25, 2011

Artists + Art Lovers = Lowe Art Museum Docents

"Palos Verdes" Oil - 16 X 20 - by Diane Aronesty
The Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami campus is a place I spend some of my time since my retirement. I wanted to do some volunteering, but at a place that would make me happy at the same time. What I have found is that many of the docents/guides at the Lowe are not just art lovers and community minded individuals, but also artists. Some of us take workshops together, attend meetings at the Miami Watercolor Society, attend exhibit openings, and enjoy just "talking art". Some of the Lowe artists are very involved  in the local art community and others are, as I call it, "closet artists", not ready to share their talent with the world. 

My friend, Diane Aronesty, is one of those talented artists that has been painting for pleasure. She recently re-located to California and is now enjoying painting the beautiful west coast with a "plein air" group. She shared the above piece with me.  I immediately loved the composition, the colors and the loose effect she had achieved by painting outdoors. I am happy to say that Diane is now ready to share her art pieces with the world and is in the process of creating a website. If anyone is interested in this piece, Diane is willing to discuss the price with you. She can be contacted at:

Who knew that getting involved in a worthwhile activity would result with so many fellow artists and lifelong friends in the making. may be more than you ever expected.

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