Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Here!

A few months ago, I was approached about a new project dealing with art in public places, the Coconut Grove Peacock Tour. This project involved painting beautiful peacocks to be displayed in the Coconut Grove area of Miami where they reside. The project would beautify the village and raise funds for charity by auctioning the peacocks at the end of the tour.

I filled out my application and waited, along with many other artists, for a sponsor. I watched as artists were assigned a peacock to paint and I got more and more excited about painting one. I also watched as the painted peacocks started appearing in various places in the Grove. One day, when I had finally given up hope of ever receiving one, a sponsor requested one. It turns out that my peacock is the very last one.

My sponsors are Pinnacle Housing and the Coconut Grove Collaborative located in the West Grove neighborhood. "The Village West neighborhood (also known as “West Grove”, “Black Grove”, and even at one time, “Colored Town”) is where Bahamian and African-American descendants of those who pioneered the development of Coconut Grove and the incorporation of the city of Miami live. The Coconut Grove Collaborative is an organization working to unify and advance efforts to revitalize the place they call “home”.

My peacock, "Nassau Daddy", will be representing the early settlers of this village. Mr. Rashid, from the Coconut Grove Collaborative, worked with me in designing this peacock. It will have a Bahamian look and all of the tropical things found in the Bahamas and Coconut Grove. It will have color, color and more color. It is an honor, and my pleasure, to paint a peacock that represents the history of this area.


  1. The photo does a great job in showing just how large the peacock is.

    So glad they saved the best artist for last!

  2. Thanks, Angeline! Hope I can live up to your praises with this project. Will let you know when it goes to its permanent location.

  3. That is so awesome Rosie! I love peacocks, I can't wait to see it!! =)