Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally........A Series

A few weeks ago, I painted my first Everglades painting. I wanted to do a series that showed three very important parts of the Everglades: 1) bird life, 2) plant life and 3) alligators. I knew many things would interfere with this plan. Since then, I painted a car for the "Car Culture" exhibit, a few miniature watercolors, visited the north Georgia mountains, and brought back and painted a few gourds (to be shown later). As if that wasn't enough, I painted a couple of palm fronds for the "Out of the Box" exhibit at the Grovehouse Artists Gallery, sketched a little for the "Sketchbook Project" and have taken lots of photos for Redbubble. Did I mention my share of gallery sitting, Docent Guild duties at the Lowe Museum and knitting for my granddaughter and her, soon to be born, sibling.

Friends and family always tell me how could you say you have no time, "You are retired!". Does it really sound like I am retired? I may no longer work for a living, but I am working longer hours than I used to. The big difference is that I make my own hours, I don't have to dress for success nor be politically correct. I am free to paint in my nightgown and knit in my pajamas. I am now free to be me!!!

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