Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drum Circle - Good for Your Health

Last year, I was at an art show in the Grove. I heard the sound of drums and people around me told me it was the drum circle. Apparently, I had been living on the moon since this was my first exposure to a "Drum Circle". I walked on over and they were friendly enough to invite me to join in. I sat down and started to beat on this drum. I quickly caught the rhythm of the group. It was great to look around the circle and see people of all ages beating these drums. As I was beating the drum, I started to feel a sense of freedom and just relief. Now, a year later I find out why I felt this way. It was not a "hippie flashback". After doing some research, I found, "Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress." No wonder, I felt so good after this one session.

Since then, I have tried to attend the "Drum Circle" that takes place during the Grove Gallery Walk. Below are the videos from previous drum circles, see what you have been missing. I have also included a link to the benefits of drumming.

This is not just a fun time with friends, but an activity that is therapeutic.
Join us:

Saturday, November 6 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm


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