Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking for Color

Here in south Florida, Fall is a time when the temperature drops a few degrees and the humidity becomes a little more bearable. We don't see the beautiful colors that this season brings. The first time I saw fall colors was in New Hampshire and Vermont. I had seen many pictures growing up, but one thing is a picture and another to be among the golds, the reds, yellow and oranges that these trees can produce. For an artist that loves color, I felt like I died and went to heaven. I imagined that it must be what some tourists feel like when they come here and see the ocean for the first time.

I am always inspired to paint some fall scenes at this time of the year. To do this, I depend on the photos I take while traveling to the hills of northeast Georgia. Lately, I am not just being inspired by these photos, but also making them available on line as greeting cards, matted prints, etc. I am quickly finding out that I enjoy photography almost as much as painting.

I left south Florida last week looking for color and, as you can see above, ..................I found it!



  1. there's a fall smell of cool breezes and crisp, drying leaves that goes along with seeing the colors in person. Fall is still my favorite time of year and someday soon, I'll get back to Vermont, NY or some mountain area where the spectacular colors of nature sing and fly and remind me that winter's gray and snowy whites are not far off.... unless I live in Miami :-) Thank for sharing your vibrant new painting and photos!

  2. You are a great artists, Rosie. I enjoy reading your blog all the time. Looking for the next blog.
    Mayra Pau.

  3. Thank you Angeline, Debra and Mayra. I love sharing my different creative ideas and thoughts on this blog. I am inspired by photos, life and artist friends like you!