Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't Ever say Never!

Ever since I picked up a brush, I have mainly been a landscape painter. I have been drawing people my entire life, but always as a cartoon or caricature. I am a people person, but people have never been my subject. Two things happened to me to motivate me to try a portrait. For one, I am the proud grandmother of a gorgeous girl, Nola. She has brought so much love and excitement to my life that I never thought would happen since the birth of my son. I see many beautiful pictures of her and always say, "I wish I could paint her". I have forwarded a few of these pictures to my friend, Elizabet, so she may paint her one day, since I did not dare.

Last month, I went to Deborah Weed's - 3G Exhibit at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. I found it amazing to see the works of two previous generations right next to hers. One of the pieces was a portrait her grandmother did of her as a little girl. How wonderful that so many years later Deborah has part of her grandmother's love on a canvas. That exhibit pushed me over the edge. I bought a canvas and decided I will try it. I am working hard at it. It is still a long way from completion, but I wanted to share my new project. The end result may not capture what I want to portray in the painting. I just hope that one day Nola sees what I am saying on this canvas......................"I love you, Nola"!

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  1. Very nice Rosie...I love your portrait...practice make perfect and you are on your way.

    Mayra Pau