Friday, April 30, 2010

"Into the Light" Acrylic , 18X24

A few weeks ago, I posted an acrylic abstract painting and asked all of you to tell me what you thought was my inspiration. Well, it is now time to tell you. My inspiration for this painting was a picture of lots of koi fish in a pond. While painting this abstract, I encountered lots of comments from family members. The most negative was, "What IS that?" Painting abstracts is new to me after painting realistic landscapes for so many years; so I figured they would come around when completed..

I decided to enter this piece in the Miami Dade College Student Show, since this is where I was first introduced to acrylics. I gave it the title "Into the Light" so that it would not influence anyone's opinion of what was the inspiration. To my surprise, my piece was recognized in the show. This encourages me to move on with acrylics and especially in creating something unique from a photograph.

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