Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's going on here?

If I would have ever told my Dad that I was trying hard to be "loose". I would have been grounded for life. However, at this time in my life and in the environment in which I am doing it, he may have even encouraged me. I have always been a realist painter. As I grow and evolve, I realize that it can be fun and very interesting to create something that lets the viewer use his/her imagination. People may think that abstract painting is easy, but just paint on a canvas does not always create art. I am finding that I can look at a photograph for inspiration and then use the shapes and the colors to create art. This is exactly what I have done here. As I started the painting, I received comments from family members such as "Nice mangoes". I kept repeating, "It may be mangoes to you, but that was not my inspiration". Well, what do you think? What was my inspiration?


  1. I know! I know! But I won't spoil it. I personally think the best works of art provide different meanings to different people, no matter the inspiration. One of my best works was an abstract of a rubber band and there was no way to tell what the inspiration was when you saw the final product. So with that said, "Nice lima beans!"

  2. Rosie,
    I believe this was inspired by leaves in a pond or puddle. It feels like that to me, plus I enjoy your other works and recognize some themes. At least, I hope I recognize your themes, LOL.
    Abstract painting is not easy. The "rules" still apply: composition, color, line, etc. Sometimes an abstract painting works by breaking all of the rules. When I try to do abstracts, for me that is rare that all of the "rules" are broken.
    Glad you are enjoying getting "looser!"

  3. Thank you Timmy & Angeline! It is so nice to receive comments and see that the piece has you all thinking and enjoying the colors and composition. Both of you being artists, you realize that art can be many things to many people and that abstracts are not as easy as many people think.

    Getting "loose" is really fun! I am trying to do it with watercolors too....more on that later.


    P.S. - I enjoy your blog a lot Angeline!!

  4. First of all I find this a really great painting and I hope you continue being loose. I saw Koi fish in your painting.