Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Groovey on Gifford Lane!

Like the song says, "Slow down you move too fast". Well, we definitely made the afternoon last on Gifford Lane this past Sunday. Picture the Grove as it was back in the sixties, laid back, relaxed and full of creative people. The neighbors on Gifford Lane welcome the artists every year. They allow them to hang their art from their fences, sit on their driveways, and even let them use their bathrooms. It is a wonderful sense of community. Trina opens her doors, all afternoon to artists and visitors, serving up her famous gin, cucumber punch. The street comes alive with music, art, food, and families with their children and dogs; all coming to enjoy a glimpse of the past. I am still................feeling groovey!


  1. Way to go Rosie Brown. Like your take on this past weekend. Can't wait to see the photos, I shared mine with

  2. Thanks, AnnaMaria! Saw the Grapevine pictures....excellent! Will email you the link to the video later tonight!

  3. Nice photo of how you hung your work on Gifford Lane!

    Angeline Marie