Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Engage Your Senses

It should be apparent by now that we love to travel. I say "we" because it is usually my husband that plans these trips to new places.  I always get my camera ready and my senses in high gear. I tend to believe that creative people experience everything they come across to a higher level. It is what gives them that inspiration and new ideas.

Beautiful architecture
My eyes are immediately engaged by  just taking it in and capturing it via my camera's view finder. I find myself touching the flowers because some are so absolutely beautiful that I cannot help myself. The music of the place and, of course, the food excite my other senses.

Intricate patterns

Interesting mosaics
We just returned from Madrid and Portugal. The fabulous architecture, landscapes, the patterns, the wine, the food and the music.......what could be better! I returned planning to include some of these inspirations in my new creations. It is also a habit of mine to pick up a small piece of art from a street artist. The requirement is that I watch them paint it. The piece will always remind me of that experience, as I help a struggling artist. To make it even more meaningful, I print a photo of the artist and myself and attach it to the back of the frame. Years from now, I can see who painted it, the moment I got it and how young I used to be. LOL

Delicious food and wine

 Landscapes Photos
My purchase
I have shared just a few photos from the hundreds I took. I hope I can please at least one of your senses........the visual.

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