Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moving by Design

I have recently been obsessed with patterns. I signed up for a class this summer so that I could learn to digitally design patterns. So when I received an email from the Lowe inviting me to a Moving by Design to create expressive pattern movement, I figured I must go. The Beaux Art Gallery at the Lowe Art Museum was set up with tables, paper and pencils.  The workshop leader was Carol Kaminsky, Dance Program Director at the Frost School of Music. What happened next was a total surprise!

Carol asked us to stand, turned on some jive music and asked us to move around the gallery, any which way, to loosen ourselves up.  We were then asked to partner with someone to work with at the tables. We were given paper and pencil. The papers were folded in half. We then were asked to just doodle away on the paper, no specific design. One person was to lead and the other would follow the person's design on their half. The designs were not quite the same, but interesting. We then turned the paper over and switched roles. Our designs were again quite different and it was almost obvious to tell who lead. 

We were then asked to stand in a circle, soft music was turned on and we each interpreted our design on the paper. Who knew that a paper design could create such beautiful moves? The gallery was then split in half, just like the drawing paper. The partners walked up each side of the divide expressing their drawings with their hands, feet and torso.  This is when the title of the workshop made sense. Interesting to experience creativity on paper and on the dance floor. Not exactly what I expected, but creative and expressive nonetheless. Different mediums of expression!

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