Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conner Memorial Garden - Free Little Library

Downtown Dahlonega is the most pleasant place to visit to shop, eat and meet friendly people. To my surprise, I found a gem of a place right in downtown, a little free library at the Conner Memorial Garden (Adjacent to Public Square- "Old-Time Mountain School House" In Honor of Lumpkin County Retired Educators").

This small garden has beautiful plants, a fountain, walking paths, benches and to top it off a free little library. What a gift from the Conner Family and the Lumpkin County Retired Educators! A peaceful place to sit  and read, meet friends or just listen to the birds or watch the squirrels.

As a big city girl, I was delighted to find one of these free little libraries that I had read about. By coincidence, an article was posted in the Huffington Post the same week that I was enjoying the one in Dahlonega.  Click HERE to read it.

I may not exchange a book here, but this little library is definitely a place to sit, relax and enjoy the "LITTLE" pleasures of life........and I will be back to do so!

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  1. Yo, Rosie. When you return to Dahlonega, check out my work at Awakening Fine Art gallery ON THE SQUARE. It's the biggest gallery in Dahlonega with over 25 local artists. You may also want to blog about our art organization, Chestatee Artists. We have over 30 member artists. I was one of the founders. Email me and let me know when you will be coming to Dahonega next. ( You might remember me. We met at one of the Mountain Flower Art Shows in Dahlonega a while back. No te Olvides.