Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Watering Can

As I watered my African violets this weekend with my little watering can, I thought about how long I had it. It turns out that it is 38 years old. 

How do I remember that? I was pregnant and living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida where my Air Force husband had been transferred. I did not know anyone, did not have a car and I guess my loneliness showed. One day as I went to get the mail, an elderly lady, Mrs. Hall, became my friend at the mail box. She grew beautiful violets and decided that I needed a plant. She brought me my first African violet and the small watering can. This small act started a lifelong love for these beautiful plants and made me feel better at the time. 

Mrs. Hall did not stop there. She belonged to a knitting club at the building and invited me to join the other seniors. She taught me to knit and crochet. Again, she showed up with my carrying case, needles and yarn. She thought it would be a good idea to start knitting for the baby. I learned and made my son, Timmy, a few things. Since then, I have knitted for may family members and friends. A small act that changed my life and has lasted a lifetime.

Mrs. Hall was not just there to provide me with creative outlets to relieve my loneliness; she was also available to take me anywhere, visit with me and the baby and much more. She was the grandmother I never had. After I moved away, we continued to write to each other and exchange photos until one of my letters was mailed back from her son letting me know she had passed. 

It was sad to lose her, but her gifts are still here with me. Has anyone influenced you this way? Are you sharing your gifts with others? It's life changing!

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