Monday, September 22, 2014

Evolving Art

People are always saying that different entertainers, like Madonna, are reinventing themselves every few years. Is is that, or just the need to express themselves in a different manner? Are they just evolving?

As a visual artist, I am finding that my interests and style have changed from when I first started painting. It fascinates me to see my art on products. I had no idea years ago that my art would end up like this. I am also finding that I am creating art specifically for products. I stumbled upon the possibility of licensing my art as I looked to do things differently and it is now a permanent way of life.

Here are a couple of samples of those:

Products by DENY Designs

Products by Kess Inhouse
My art is not the only thing that has changed. My interest in photography has taken a different road. I don't just photograph things I want to paint. I photograph for the sake of photography, without a painting in mind. A new interest is street photography; a slice of life caught in a photograph.

Photography on wall metal art

A man and his dog in Valencia, Spain.

My evolving art boils down to appreciating the world around me, expressing myself in many ways and realizing that in a very small way............................I am like Madonna.

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