Friday, September 27, 2013

Something New!

It seems that I am always taking on new challenges. I went back to painting full time after retirement. The idea was to exhibit here and there, when possible, and make a few on-line sales, if possible. I can now say that my painting has led to designing and I am just loving it. Although I have been painting for over 30 years, I am not one of those that grew up with computers. Everything I know I DID NOT learn in kindergarten, as the book says. I have had an awful lot of technical learning take place as an adult and still more than I can ever learn in my time left. Unfortunately, a lot of designing takes place in the computer. These designs are my first using a repeat pattern.

You have seen some of my latest creations on a previous blog by Vividly. Now, I want to introduce you to my dress challenge by Elsa and me and my three designs. Elsa and Me is a women’s clothing line designed to empower women to feel feminine and fulfilled in their everyday life. Produced in New York City with organic cotton fabric, the ELSA dress is fit to go from 9-5 to the chic cocktail party seamlessly.Vividly is very pleased to partner with Elsa and Me on a design challenge to find the perfect print for the sleeveless ELSA dress. This is the first time the traditionally solid-colored ELSA will feature a print! 

In order to see these dresses made, I would have to acquire the most votes.....and that is another challenge!
I will post their photos below and the link where you can vote. Feel free to share with friends and family!!

To vote, click here:

To vote, click Here:

To vote, click here:

If you are want to see some of my other designs, click HERE!

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