Monday, February 27, 2012

"Willy" Found A Home

Last month I was in South Miami and noticed that “Willy”, the manatee, was no longer on the corner of 57th Avenue and Sunset Drive. I contacted the festival manager and she said that the manatees were removed for adoption. I asked her to keep me informed as to where Willy would end up.

To my surprise, I received a nice email last week from a man named Danny. He adopted Willy as a birthday gift for his wife Beth. How nice is that?  He wanted to let me know that Willy had a few scratches due to his move and would I be willing to fix them.

Willy did not go very far. He now resides permanently with this lovely young couple, not far from his previous location.  On Saturday, I went to touch up Willy and met Danny and Beth.  Below is a photo of where he stands temporarily. He may be moved outdoors in the near future.

Thanks Danny and Beth for selecting Willy out of all of the ones available for adoption. I am glad to know he will be loved and care for by you. Enjoy!

To view the making of Willy, click on the link below:

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