Saturday, May 14, 2011

South Miami Manatee Fest

Ever seen a real manatee? Want to see over 15 of them in one location? The South Miami Manatee Fest on Friday, May 20th is your opportunity.   The South Miami Manatee Fest is a public art event that will take place on the streets of South Miami, Coral Gables, and unincorporated Dade County. The project’s mission  is to raise awareness of our natural resources, our beautiful waterways and Bay, our wildlife and aquatic treasures. At the end of the project, these structures are auctioned to raise funds for charity. What a great way to bring art to the community and funds to organizations.

This will be the first glimpse of these fabulous 7 ft works of art before they take to the streets of South Miami. Local artists have taken these fiberglass structures and created unique works of art revealing their creativity and the sponsors' request.

My sponsor was Williamson Cadillac. Their manatee had to have a car theme. I came up with the idea of a race car driver and converted the base into a mini race car. It was only fitting to call this manatee "Willy". The making of "Willy" the manatee has been documented in the following video::

To get the real effect of these sculptures, and to see the little red car, join us Friday, May 20th at 6:00 pm at the 1st National Bank of South Miami. You are guaranteed to be wowed!!!!


  1. I love it Rosie. It's great!

  2. Rosie, the making of "Willy" is fabulous! love it :)