Monday, May 9, 2011

EarthArt Exhibit by Paul Saint Laurent

Waterfall Over the Edge - 8 ft

Nature plays an important role in artists lives. Most are inspired by it, some, like me, use it as a canvas and others find the beauty in nature and turn it into a piece of art. The latter is the way that my friend Paul Saint Laurent uses nature. He exposes the artistry in nature that many do not see. The elements of art are found in  his pieces: line, color, texture and shape. His creativity is evident in the way he selects the wood, cuts it, polishes it and displays it in order to reveal to us what he sees. 

Paul can take a piece of wood and turn it into something beautiful like a landscape or a waterfall ;or functional like bowls and salt/pepper shakers. He puts it best when he says, " I don't seek to make nature perfect; I choose to bare and celebrate its innate perfection."

As you continue to seek ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, don't miss an opportunity to get inspired. Paul will be showing these pieces, and many other creations, at his EarthArt Exhibit:

Place: Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida
Date: Opening Reception, May 31st - 6-8:30 p.m.
Show runs through June 2nd
Admission is Free


  1. Rosie,
    Love the brief review of Paul's work! Having seen his wood work in person - it is beautiful!

    Are you going to do a review of the exhibit?

  2. Angeline,
    Thanks! Not sure I would be able to do it as well as you, but may try. Your exhibit on Saturday was great. Love your palm series....definitely you! My congratulations to Eldridge Studios for allowing us to take a peek at our homeland.

    Thank you both,