Friday, March 11, 2011

Rich and Creamy

"Lady In Red"-  Oil - 16 X 20
Rich and creamy. No, I am not describing a dish, but a painting medium. Every medium has a characteristic that attracts different types of artists. The texture, color  and brilliance of oils does that for me. I started painting with oils in 1977. I loved them immediately, but I did not enjoy the clean up with the smelly turpentine. In recent years, I have fallen in love with watercolors and experimented with acrylics. Life has come a full circle and I just started using oils again. I now use Turpenoid and avoid the strong odor. As everything does in life, oils have now evolved and now there are even water-soluble oils. Yes, oil and water!

Above is a recently completed piece in oil. I had to think differently as I worked on this piece. For one, I did not have to worry about protecting my white areas as in watercolor. I also did not have to worry about paint drying up quickly on the palette as I talked on the phone.  Am I leaving other mediums for oils..............absolutely not!  Art is all about exploring, experimenting and enjoying!


  1. Stay in the moment and enjoy painting. no talking on the phone while painting.

  2. Rosie,
    I leave you with the oils! =) You use them very well!!!

  3. Annamaria, you are so right, I should just get out of my routine stuff while painting.

    Thanks, Angeline! I started with oils in 1977 so it's just like coming home for me.