Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time's Up

Time's up..............for the Sketchbook Project. It is a project where artists work on sketchbooks that travel around the country for others to see. Each artist selects a topic and I chose, "If You Lived Here". The project comes to an end on January 15th, when the sketchbooks are mailed in. The tour begins in February. Artists are able to follow the book electronically and know when someone checks the book out.

Since I started sketching, I have had a Thanksgiving vacation with the family, Christmas shopping, gift wrapping and shipping, baking and decorating. Add to that "Noche Buena" (Christmas Eve) dinner at my house for thirteen people and a huge peacock to paint by year's end. Are you wondering how I did it all? I was able to do it all with extreme time management. Yes, even artists must manage their time if they want to complete projects and meet deadlines. Above are some samples of the sketches in my book. This is the first year I do this and look forward to following the book around the country. If anything, this project helped me to look closer, use my imagination and sketch. All three of those things can only help me become a better artist.

Come back and read about the road ahead for my little sketchbook and for the reveal of the painted peacock. The New Year has begun!!


  1. Post office date stamp is 1-15-11!!!! Great job, Rosie! I will be mailing mine off Friday. LOL

  2. Love reading about and seeing your latest artworks! Sketchbook is most interesting... the story of the art and life that inspires it ;-)