Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mini Oil Spill

Don't panic by the title. This oil spill was small, controlled and no danger to the environment.

In a couple of weeks I, along with eighteen other artists, will be exhibiting at Riviera Presbyterian Church. I know that December is a time when there is a lot of spending, and given the state of the economy, it may even be a leaner than ever Christmas. For that reason, and to break in my new oils, I have decided to paint a few small oil paintings.

My new year goal is to go back to oils, not exclusively, since I love expressing myself in all mediums. I see now how I missed the flow and even coverage of oils. The fact that I can easily correct mistakes and the brilliance of the colors are some other reasons I love this medium.

Keep checking as more oil spills on the east coast of Florida.

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