Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year - 2010!

What a year this has been! It was a real lesson on what life can bring us, gains and losses. I lost three family members this year and the losses were lessons on how I should live my life. I decided not to mourn them daily, but to honor them by enjoying the life that they are no longer able to enjoy.

The gains came about in accomplishing some goals in reference to my art; this blog being one of them. It all started at the beginning of the year when I was invited to attend an art marketing workshop. In that workshop, I met many talented artists and people that I hope will remain in my circle of friends. The workshop showed me that I could no longer remain a closet artist, but that through the internet I could let the world know that creating makes me happy and sharing it makes me even happier. After the workshop, I opened a Facebook account, a Twitter account and started this blog. If that was not enough, I submitted my work and joined the GroveHouse Artists Gallery and again met more wonderful artists. I ended the year by entering the Mad Hatter Arts Festival and even being in the King Mango Strut Parade last Sunday. Life is great and I hope that in 2010 I can add more to my list of gains.

Below are some links to some of this year's events and the web pages of some that helped me begin this journey. Enjoy! Happy New Year!!!! - Invited me to the workshop. - Led the worshop. - Spoke about her blog and it inspired me. - Encourages me to paint BIG and tells me of various art opportunities year round. - Always encouraging me. - Always sharing her marketing information. - GroveHouse Gallery opening video. - Mad Hatter Art Festival 2009 video - Gripe Vine group organizer for King Mango Parade(workshop held at this gallery) - King Mango Strut Parade 2009 video

Thank you to my husband, Phil, who encourages me to pursue my dream, attends all shows, takes pictures and even creates these great videos; and my family and friends for always supporting me and attending my shows.


  1. Reading this blog post is inspiration for all of us to follow our hearts and enjoy our lives, friends and gifts. The art salon workshop was also pivotal for me. I went into it with the phrase "you teach best that which you need to learn" repeating over and over in my head. I got so much more from everyone in the group, and as you say, the connections and opportunities are still flowing. I look forward to hearing more about your work, life and connections and truly hope we'll be working/playing together in the years to come.

  2. Thank you, again, Deborah!

  3. I'm so happy to see that 1) you're happy and 2) you inspire others much like you have inspired me. I'm sure this decade will be bigger and better than the last and keep thinking BIG!

    Your son Timmy

  4. Dear Rosie,
    I enjoyed your blog and reading all about you and your dreams. You speak about all the people who have inspired you. I'd like to say that it was YOU who inspired me to take up the paint brush once again. I enjoy painting with you and look forward to lots of painting-days. With love & thanks, your painting buddy. Happy Painting, Judy Tobin