Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting Frenzy

A friend of mine recently commented that I seem to be on a "painting frenzy". I thought about it for a minute and had to agree. I started the summer with more pictures to paint than time. Once I added a new technique, I could not help but paint. I have found that I like the watercolor batik technique for certain images and just straight watercolor for others. When I visit a garden, mine or a public one, I photograph lots of things, including leaves for their shapes, colors and shadows. This watercolor batik is of a leaf and the lights and shadows created by the sun.

With upcoming possibilities to exhibit this fall and winter, I am motivated to paint daily and thus the painting frenzy. It almost seems that I am making up for the years that I didn't paint while concentrating on my career and family.


  1. Hi Rosie:
    I love the leaf batik. Have you ever been to Captiva? I just got back, and the unspoiled tropical scenery there, especially the birds, dunes, beaches and lighthouse would be great artisic subjects.

  2. Very Nice...soon this will be a MOVIE!!!!