Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mesmerizing Marbling

It is so difficult for me to paint in just one medium, one style and one subject. My mind is always wondering and trying to move from one thing to another.  Although oil was my first love, and still is, I must quench my anxiety by experimenting with a variety of things. My latest discovery and obsession is marbling. I find it to be a very creative way to just enjoy the flowing colors on water. Doing this is pure enjoyment of color flow; no shadows, perspective to worry about,  just fun!

I saw a video on line and just had to try it. I learned there is even a type of paper for marbling and  special paints. You never know what exactly what will come out and that is the surprise and fun of it. I control the colors and even their flow on the water, the rest is left up to chance. The results are beautiful and always amaze me. 

I hope the colors and shapes also bring you joy. Stay tuned as you never know what will be my next obsession. Happy Holidays!

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