Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Buy From Living Artists....

Ever heard the quote, "Buy from living artists because the dead ones don't need it".

Well, I certainly follow that as I travel to different places. I don't just do it to help the artist. It has to be something I find unique or special. Instead of looking at a photo, I love to look at the piece that takes me back to the moment and the feeling of enjoyment once again.

Below are a few pieces I bought here and there. The enamel earrings in the first photo were bought from an artist on the St, Charles River Bridge in Prague. Whenever I put them on I remember looking through her collection of jewelry. My conversation with her about her enamel art, and knowing that she made them makes them special each time and takes me back to the walk on that bridge.

The watercolor painting I bought many years ago in Florence. At the time, I was still painting in oil, but had a desire to  paint in  watercolors some day. Each time I see this painting leaning on my dresser, I remember the plaza where I bought it and how it was more than just a souvenir; it was a dream and a plan that has now come true.

The wine cup, I bought from Amy Strickland, a potter in Dahlonega, Georgia. Beside being a great cup for drinking wine with a history of its own, It reminds me of the Hummingbird Gallery in Dahlonega and my first visit there about nine years a go. Amy and Todd owned the gallery and were kind enough to buy a few of my small watercolors to sell there. A friendship has developed and what a great way to celebrate it than with a wine cup made by Amy.

The painted saw I bought for my Mom in Colorado 39 years ago. This is a reminder of our time spent in Colorado when we were young and looking at a long life ahead with a baby on the way. I love the mountains, the trees and the beauty of the land showing in this small painting. My Mom no longer has her house so this is also a reminder of where it sat at her house for many years and the time we spent at her house.

As you can see, buying art fills so many of your senses and emotions. It brings back memories of a time, place and the people that shared it with you.

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