Monday, September 14, 2015

Emotional Purchase

If you are anywhere as old as I am, you may remember the time when most people bought art to match their sofa. Times have changed and we are always told not to do that. What I have found about people purchasing my art is that it is an emotional connection to the piece. 

The reasons vary; soothing colors, great location, etc. Abstracts are especially great at stirring up emotions. People see things that only they can and, therefore, the piece "speaks" to them. On a landscape piece they may feel happiness from a vacation taken, a place they used to live or a place that they would love to live.

I personally enjoy painting landscapes and abstracts so my experience on what triggers a sale is mainly on these two categories. The reason for writing about this is for that very same reason. I rarely paint humans. However, on a vacation to Halifax, I sat eating an ice cream on the deck of the ice cream shop. I suddenly saw the cutest little boy exit the place eating an ice cream cone. As all artists seem to do, I noticed  that the lighting was perfect with beautiful shadows on the deck floor. I took the photo thinking I may paint it one day, even if I had to leave the little boy out. Being that it was only a side view of the boy, I figured I could take on this human. 

Last month, I exhibited this piece at a gallery at Nova University during a Gold Coast watercolor exhibit. To my surprise, I had a call from a man wanting to purchase the piece and wanting to know more about it. He questioned me as to where I took this photograph and then went on to tell me that this looked exactly like his son. He said even the clothing, down to the Crocs and sunglasses.  He even texted photos to me and, sure enough, there was a great resemblance. Needless to say,  this nice family now has my little boy.....and theirs.

Original photograph.

"Hello Summer" - Watercolor

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