Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm in Heaven

How does an artist get to heaven without dying? Take a flight to the city of lights........Paris!!

Paris is a city that  pleases all of your senses. It is not just about the art museums. It is the architecture, the food, the wine, the pastries and the beautiful sound of French language in your ears. I had visited about 23 years ago, but it was only a two day stay which is only a peek at what the city has to offer. This time, I did not want to visit any other city in France.....just Paris.

On this trip, my priority was to visit a few museums that I had never visited and re-visit the Louvre. It also included just taking in the city at a slow pace by picnicking on the banks of the river Seine. Although I did not take any paints or sketchbook, I tried to capture every moment with my eyes.....and of course, my camera.  Here's a collage of photos around the city. More stories to come.
What a beautiful City!

Click to enlarge the collage

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