Thursday, May 29, 2014

Creativity is Universal

Making a living as an artist is not easy. It is a profession that lacks traditional benefits and job security. You often find that artists must have a day job to be able to survive and create during their free time. I, and many other artists I know, did not create full time until we were able to financially do it.

As I traveled to some countries on my recent vacation, I found creative people who have decided that their passion to create is greater than the financial gain and security that a traditional job may bring them. Their passion to create provides them with other benefits. When people genuinely enjoy their profession and are motivated by their passion, they tend to be more satisfied with their work and more psychologically healthy.  

Create.....any way you can!
Lady on the left embroidering/selling needle work in Budapest. Lady on the right selling hand made items in Prague

Musicians on the left playing at the Charles Bridge. Harpist playing on the street in Vienna.

Purchased this original watercolor from the artist painting right below (center).

Artists painting and selling everywhere.

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  1. Yes, all my art has been on the side as "work", necessary at first, took over. Now i am retired other things seem to gnash at me for attention