Monday, January 7, 2013

Creativity + Art = Longevity

This past weekend I attended the Sarasota Art Walk on Palm Avenue. It was fun to see wonderful art, meet new artists and listen to live music in a great area. During this walk, I met a 92 year old artist, named Sam. He is a “green artist",  painting discarded/recycled wine bottles and coffee cans. He trained in the 1940’s at the Art Institute of Chicago. Art was not the way he made a living, but  art was always a part of his life.  He was also sharing a few of the letters he wrote to his wife while in WWII and they all show his talent and creativity. (see below).

Sam is full of life and passion for his work at 92 years old. He told me he stays busy and does not want to just sit around like most people his age. His pamphlet describes the purpose of his art this way:

  1. Free flowing expression of color.
  2. How passion, inspiration, proper diet and wonderful relationships are the foundation of longevity.
  3. And his search for spirituality – for the truly meaningful things in life.

Sam is a perfect example of how being creative, curious and evolving can help you stay active and happy. If you want more information from Sam regarding his art, you can contact him at

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  1. Thank you for posting this about my father, you couldn't have not said it better, he truly is the most inspirational person, and has such a passion for what he does,his work shows that, I would Love to facebook this to my Facebook which is Susie Holt, is there a way you can connect me. Thank you again sharing this about my precious Dad. Susie