Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Benefits of a Hobby

Many of you have noticed that I have been licensing my art with various companies and my art now appears on a variety of products. So what news do I have for you this time? My new licensing partner is Gecko Rouge

Gecko Rouge turns my works of art, and that of other artists, into cross stitch patterns and kits. Did you ever want to paint? Are you someone that gets satisfaction from creating? Then this is for you. It is like painting with a needle and thread. But there is more to a hobby than just beauty and pleasure. It has been found that hobbies help reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
Physical Benefits of Hobbies:
  • manual dexterity
  • focus and concentration
  • creativity
  • improved health
Floral Garden - Cross Stitch Patten

Recently they have added jigsaw puzzles from these beautiful works of art. This is another way to think and benefit from the process. “Hobbies that engage the brain, puzzles for example, have been found to be effective in delaying the onset of Alzheimers.” They also help reduce depression and dementia. 

Timmy's Ship - Jigsaw Puzzle
 What better time than now to get started when Gecko Rouge has discounted the cross stitch patterns and kits as they move to a new web site. Click here for discounted patterns. So if you thought that cross stitching was only for women and jigsaw puzzles only for kids, think again. The benefits of hobbies may keep you mind healthy for a long time to come.


  1. Really nice blog you have. I discovered Gecko a few months ago, and I have recommended the site to my stitching-group. Gecko is truly great :o)

    Regards Linda

  2. Hi, Linda,

    Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my blog. Gecko is great and brings really unique cross stitching patterns, kits and puzzles. Hope you stay tuned to my blog for more art happenings. Happy stitching!