Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sketching........Once Again

A few weeks back, I wrote about the stress in my life and how I was unable to paint.  A fellow artist, Angeline Marie, posted a detailed comment on how I could overcome that by sketching. She not only suggested it, but went on to tell me what to carry with me. My sister Cristina read the blog, Angeline’s suggestion and actually bought me a sketchbook. How could I not give it a shot? 

I can say that my life is in a more stable place and although I am painting again, I have taken these “gifts” from Angeline's   suggestions and the sketchbook from Cristina on a road trip to Georgia. What do you do on a long car ride? You sketch your feet on the dashboard. Once in the country, you sketch produce and so I now think I will take my sketchbook everywhere I go. So many opportunities……………………..

 Sketching in my new book reminded me of a time many years ago while in college and in a class that, although not an art course, required that we sketch our feelings. The sketches below are from that time. 

25.788969 -80.226439

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  1. I even sketched on my wedding day!

    Yay!!!! Special thanks to your sister for getting you a sketchbook! The feet on the dashboard make a fun sketch.

    Lucky you for being able to sketch in the car. I get so car sick!

    Any sketches inspire a painting yet?